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November Lesbian Startalk: Scorpio

02 Nov Posted by in Guest Writers | Comments Off on November Lesbian Startalk: Scorpio
November Lesbian Startalk: Scorpio

The first major event for November is the New Moon in Scorpio (15 degrees) on the 7th, the day after the mid-term elections. This is when the Sun and Moon are in alignment. Scorpio is the most intense sign of the zodiac and represents transformation. So, it’s likely to be an intense week. And, no matter your political leanings, do vote.

New Moons represent a new 28-day lunar cycle and an appropriate time for beginnings, projects, changes, relationships, jobs, etc. Besides the elections this New Moon is highlighted by a trine to Neptune, currently in Pisces. It’s the planet of idealism, compassion, vision, creative expression and spirituality.

As the Moon represents our emotions, in Scorpio there’s a deeper experience of feelings, both positive and not so positive. Intensity of emotions will be significant. For many this will translate into artistic and creative expressions.

This lunation also sextiles Pluto, the Scorpio planetary ruler, currently in Capricorn. This could offer opportunities to resolve on-going power struggles. Since the Scorpio New Moon is a fixed lunation there may also be a tendency to “keep the flame burning” around an issue, something difficult to let go of. We don’t want to step on anyone else’s toes, if we can help it during this lunation. A sense of destiny is also possible, which can help to transform a situation that has not been ideal or satisfactory.

Another shift happening at this time, is Uranus in Taurus in its retrograde or apparent backwards motion receiving an opposition from the Moon in Scorpio in the last degree, before Uranus moves back into Aries till March, reclaiming our independence and reawakening our inner hero.

Though, as Uranus is retrograde the action may happen internally rather than externally. This transition happens on the 6th, the day before the New Moon, election day. As mentioned above, this may be a week of upheaval.

There is also another major influence happening. The lunar nodal axis (I call the karmic path of this life in an individual’s chart), which is always an opposition representing past and future, is square to an opposition of Uranus in Aries and Venus in Libra. This is called a grand cross and signifies major shifts.

This one represents finances and resources, home and work, or relationships. Karmic connections may happen. Break-ups are possible. Adjustments may be made in healthy situations. Sudden and unexpected career or jobs could have changes for the better or worse. Finances may improve or get worse. It depends on the degrees between 26 & 29 and how they work in your individual chart.

There is a helpful influence. Mars, planet of actions in the last degree of Aquarius makes an opportunity sextile to Uranus and a harmonious trine to Venus. Being open to positive and new ways of doing or looking at things could make any transition easier, even exciting. Self-care and acceptance is necessary, with approval from others only a bonus.

On the 8th the Moon moves into philosophic Sagittarius for the next couple of days. And, more importantly optimistic Jupiter also moves into its home sign of Sagittarius for the next year. Sagittarius and its natural ninth house rule our belief systems. And as it is the sign of December it will be the big subject next month.

There’s a warning reminder for the late night of Wednesday, the 14th as impulsive Mars sextiles the “excitement junkie,” Uranus in Aries (29 degrees). It doesn’t necessarily mean a ‘bad’ thing, but more of a reminder if you’re up or out and about late to stay grounded and pay attention to everything.

Mars, planet of action, moves into watery Pisces on the 15th for the rest of the year, cooling its jets and sending more energy into creative and service pursuits.

On the 16th Venus returns to direct motion in Libra (25 degrees), a welcome for connections, relationships, and social activities. However, Mercury, planet of communication starts its 3rd and last retrograde period this same day in Sagittarius (13 degrees) till December 7th. Mercury retrogrades always is a reminder of how important clarity is, making sure that the other heard what you thought you said, and vise versa.

The next big influence of the month is the Full Moon on Thanksgiving evening, the 22nd, when the Sun and Moon are exactly opposite. The Moon has just moved into Gemini and the Sun into Sagittarius (1 degree). This is the peak of the lunar cycle. And this one has to do with communication, basic attitudes and belief systems. This is the peak of energy and could make or break our Thanksgiving gatherings. So, choose your words wisely and compassionately.

The early degrees carry a special significance, emphasizing new lessons learned, which seems odd as Full Moons are more about completions. But this could represent completing a project or end to something new.

Jupiter is closely aligned with the Sun and therefore also opposite the Moon. As Sagittarius is Jupiter’s home sign, it’s a powerful alignment and may create an imbalance of excessive optimism, exaggeration or promises that might be impossible to complete. Often around Full Moons life is so full we become overloaded and realize that something must give.

Uranus in Aries makes harmonious connections to both ends of the lunation. So, trying something new and different may be just the fix for anything going awry. However, risky activity is not recommended on this high energy lunation.

Neptune in Pisces returns to direct motion on Saturday, the 24th (13 degrees), opening the door for some of our dreams, visions and creative ideas from the last five months to begin taking shape.

Make your dominant intent everyday to look for the things that make you feel good. And have a happy month and Thanksgiving.

See you in the December edition. I’d love to hear from you. To send me your comments scroll down and click send after writing. It will go directly to my email. I won’t get your feedback unless you click the send.

To enquire about readings and consultations you can call me at 707-579-2610, which also has the daily influence on the message, or text at 707-322-0308, or email to

Kayte Ryann, certified astrologer from Professional Astrologers, inc. 1977


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