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December Lesbian Startalk – Sagittarius

12 Dec Posted by in Guest Writers | Comments Off on December Lesbian Startalk – Sagittarius
December Lesbian Startalk – Sagittarius

December is the month of Sagittarius, playful, athletic, outdoorsy, and the jokester of the zodiac. Sagittarius is also the philosopher, the perpetual student, optimistic, moral, and can be judgmental. They can be restless and love to travel. Sagittarius is an adaptable sign, it aims high and is self-expressive and can be tactless. We all have some of all the signs, but not necessarily all of the Sun sign characteristics.

Mercury, planet of communication begins this month on the 1st, having moved back into Scorpio. completing its retrograde, or backwards motion on the 7th and finishing this intense, yet deep and resourceful mental time, moves into light-hearted Sagittarius on the 12th until the 5th of January. We playfully call Mercury in Sagittarius the “foot-in-mouth” aspect.

Social Venus also changes signs on the 2nd from harmony seeking Libra to Scorpio, joining Mercury and doing its best to keep us from superficiality, intensifying our need for intimacy and intellectual depth. Venus will be in Scorpio till the 7th of January.

Happy Hanukkah to all, the celebration of lights beginning on the 3rd.

The next event of the month is the new Moon the night of Thursday, the 7th when the Sun and Moon meet in Sagittarius. The Sagittarius New Moon raises our aspirations and aims us towards greater spiritual understandings. This year the Sagittarius planetary ruler, Jupiter is close to the Sun and Moon, hovering around like a guardian angel while blurry Neptune and Mars the warrior planet form a square to the lunation from Pisces. This is like a war vs peace pairing compelling action from Mars and compassion from Neptune. Watery Pisces can dampen the fiery Mars and imagination from Neptune can come up with ideas for creative rather than destructive ideas. With Mars in sensitive Pisces emotions may be running high and may need to be expressed.

On Thursday, the 13th we have the last meteor shower of the year, the Geminids if you’re a late-night viewer like myself.

Friday, the 21st is the Winter Solstice, the day the Sun moves into Capricorn. It’s the longest night of the year, though certainly not the darkest, as the Full Moon is that night, even though the exact time is 9:49am Saturday.

The Full Moon is the peak of the lunar cycle and a time to assess our progress in this cycle about spiritual growth, more physical activity, travel or educational plans, among other Sagittarian activities. And the Winter Solstice is a time of taking some inventory of how we have progressed with our goals set 6 months ago at the Summer Solstice.

There are surprises happening during this double celestial event. Uranus in Aries makes aspect to both the Sun and the Moon. Be flexible and allow the “gifts.”

Clarity in communication is important on Christmas eve with a confusing Mercury-Neptune square. Be sure the other heard what you thought you said. On Christmas morning the Moon in expressive Leo trines Mercury in playful Sagittarius bringing communication and fun. A square to Venus in Scorpio from the Moon in the afternoon compels intense social interaction, like it or not.

And happy Kwanzaa on the 26th, which looks to be a very nice day as the Sun in Capricorn makes a nice earthy trine to the Moon in Virgo.

On the 31st, New Years Eve, Mars leaves its watery visit through Pisces and enters its home sign of Aries till the middle of February. This emphasizes the natural ‘assertiveness’ of Mars, and the energy showered upon us.

On New Years Day the Moon in Scorpio crosses Venus, giving us a social afternoon with interesting and weighty conversations. The energy throughout the day, however, is of a more serious and sober nature as the Sun meets Saturn in responsible Capricorn.

The aspects tell us about the energies that are coming through the planets. Our experiences have more to do with our attitudes and how we deal with the situations that arise.

Next month Capricorn will be a major theme in the January Startalk. Have a great December and happy holidays.

Kayte Ryann Astrologer, certified by Professional Astrologers, Inc in 1977. Gift certificates and telephone readings available.

For information about readings and consultations call Kayte at 707-579-2610, text 707-322-0308, email

I’d love to hear your comments about Startalk. Write your comments and scroll down and push send. I’ll get it in my email.

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