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Lesbian Startalk – Capricorn

02 Jan Posted by in Guest Writers | Comments Off on Lesbian Startalk – Capricorn
Lesbian Startalk –  Capricorn

Happy New Year! I hope you all had good and safe holidays.

January begins with a star show for early risers, with the Moon crossing Venus on the first, Jupiter on the 3rd, and Mercury on the 4th. It’s a lovely sight if you’re up early.

The Moon then moves into Capricorn and meets the Sun on Saturday the 5th for the New Moon and Solar Eclipse. What’s special about this lunation is that, counting the Moon, there are five planets in Capricorn. That’s called a stellium. And in this case it means a lot of Capricorn energy with the added potency of the lunar North node .

Capricorn energy is serious, ambitious, organized, practical, reliable, efficient, persistent, patient, with a witty and dry sense of humor. Ruled by contracting Saturn, Capricorns can also seem cold, rigid, pessimistic, and intolerably conventional. Following care-free Sagittarius, Capricorns crave stability and security.

It is at this point I remind everyone that we all have all the signs in us in various degrees, and the Sun sign may not be the dominant energy, and we don’t have ALL of any particular sign’s characteristics.

But more about the New Moon and Solar Eclipse. The New Moon is always the beginning of the 28-day lunar cycle, and therefore, represents beginnings in general. Saturn, being the planetary ruler of Capricorn, as well as closest by degree to the lunation, has the most power in this particular event.

So, we can hope for mastery. For some this mastery may be reflected through someone else, living or not. For others, mastery must come from within and, typically could relate to work situations, relationship issues, economic struggles, or health challenges. Whatever the area we can tap into the laser-like focus of this planetary mix.

Both the Moon and Saturn aspect Neptune in Pisces, bringing opportunity for healing and inspiration, and may require breaking habits that have become “norms,” which have resulted in routines that have bound us in some form, or are affecting our well-being.

Uranus returns to direct motion on the 6th, having back-tracked into Aries on November 6th to tie-up loose ends in our ego development of the last seven years. It will move back into Taurus March 6th when financial development will be addressed for the next several years.

The social planet Venus moves out of intense and passionate Scorpio into playful and fun-loving Sagittarius on the 7th till February 4th. Our social parts may come alive.

On Friday, the 11th the Sun and Saturn meet in Capricorn, reminding us that power and authority can be wielded with either finesse or malice. The Pisces Moon will do her best to soften “the scalpel” making an opportunity aspect to them both, and reminding us that we have choices in every situation.

On Sunday philosophical Jupiter in Sagittarius squares Neptune in spiritual Pisces. This aspect does not let us ignore the differences in the belief systems and spiritual practices of others, which could cause some uncomfortable communications. We may need to ask ourselves, “what do I truly believe, and how do I attain peace and oneness with those who have different perspectives?” This aspect is in effect all year, repeating two other times, June 16th and September 21st.

Under usual circumstances, our male and female parts would be in sync on Friday, the 18th, courtesy of a Venus Mars trine (Sagittarius and Aries) in the morning.

But a more potent Mercury Pluto meeting in Capricorn may displace many of the harmonizing influence energizing our need to be in control and strengthening our opinions. So, it might be more difficult to accept another’s point of view.

And a rebellious Sun Uranus square from Capricorn and Aries lets us know that very little will go as planned today. It’s best to be flexible and open to new options, though that could be difficult to do with the Mercury Pluto bond.

The Moon moves into sensitive Cancer this evening, putting us in touch with our need for security and adding defensive bricks to any walls of resistance.

On Sunday, the 20th, the Sun leaves conventional Capricorn and enters unconventional Aquarius getting us ready for the Supermoon/ Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse tonight. But along the way there’s quite a roller coaster ride, as the homey Cancer Moon squares independent Uranus in Aries, and social Venus in adventurist Sagittarius squares peace-loving Neptune in Pisces, causing emotional upsets and very different desires for Sunday evening, causing us to question whom we trust and what we believe. Try to understand the other perspectives, even if you disagree. Our words never change another’s beliefs unless they are open to it. Our GPS (emotions) should let us know if we should pursue our beliefs or keep our mouth shut.

The Moon moves into Leo for the big Full Moon between Leo and Aquarius. It’s called super when it closer to earth. And this lunation falls at the first degree, signifying a need to get out and achieve. There’s urgency, excitement and a desire to gain knowledge with an eclipse’s usual intensity, making a supercharged time.

Leo taps into pride and a need to save face, wanting to make an extra special impression, and yet, ironically, such internal pressure could mean doing something crazy.

Mental Mercury moves from disciplined Capricorn to inventive Aquarius the night of the 23rd till February 10th and we become more open to new ideas and perspectives.

You’ll hear more about Aquarius in next months Startalk. For details on daily influences you can call 707-579-2610, or friend me on F/B. I may ask if you know me. Just say you know me from Epochalips, and I’ll friend you. If the comments have been lifted, I’d love to hear from you.

Have a good start to 2019. And remember, our attitude toward life indicates life’s attitude toward us.

May 2019 bring you closer to the fullness of who you are.

Kayte Ryann, certified Astrologer 1977 Professional Astrologers Inc

For consultations call 707-579-2610, text 707-322-0308


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