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Lesbian Startalk: March – Pisces

14 Mar Posted by in • Guest Writers | Comments Off on Lesbian Startalk: March – Pisces
Lesbian Startalk: March – Pisces

March is the month of Pisces, the visionary of the zodiac. And, the first big event is the Pisces New Moon on Wednesday, the 6th in the morning (16 degrees). The New Moon represents the monthly meeting of the Sun and Moon. And, on this solar/lunar date it’s a powerful three-some team with the Pisces planetary ruler Neptune.

Pisces is the sign of vision, spirituality, dreams, imagination, compassion, and sacrifice for the good of the whole. It’s the sign of Universal Consciousness, sort of like seeing the forest, but missing the trees. The details are left to its opposite sign of Virgo.

Mercury, the planet of communication, how we perceive things through our senses, assimilate it, and express it. Mercury is in Pisces, and has just turned to ‘retrograde,’ or apparent backward motion. That means that our perceptions are more internal and personal than external. We are feeling things stronger than usual and more sensitive and compassionate than Mercury’s natural tendency to be the impersonal fact finder. And because of the universality of Pisces there’s more of a tendency to be vague and speak in general terms, making confusion and misunderstandings also more likely. This is a particularly good time to make sure the other heard and understood what you thought you said, and vice versa.

But, back to the visionary qualities of Pisces. This powerful lunar cycle, till the Next New Moon April 5th is the best time in this year of using visualization to bring into material form our desires for the future. This lunation also mid-points Mars and Saturn in the two practical Earth signs of Taurus and Capricorn. We have access to energies this month that can assist us with grounding and steps or plans to accomplish our hopes and dreams for the future. Trust your instincts and intuition.

Also, on this auspicious day the planet Uranus leaves energetic Aries and moves into materialistic Taurus. In the next seven years the finances and economy on the planet may look very different, or at least will have made many changes in the way business and finances are handled.

I hope you all honor each other on Friday, the 8th for International Women’s Day. I predict this year and beyond will see the rise of many more powerful Women across the planet.

And who isn’t happy to see Daylight Savings Time begin again? I don’t even mind the loss of an hour. Be sure your clocks are set an hour ahead on Sunday, the 10th.

Personally, I prefer to call St Patrick’s Day, Irish Day. I celebrate due to my Irish heritage, because I am Irish, but not ‘St Patrick,’ who brought Christianity to Ireland by squelching the feminine Pagan religion and murdering the Priestesses and healers. I will be “wearin’ the green,” however.

Spring is officially here on the 20th, the Spring Equinox, and Full Moon on the evening of Wednesday, the 20th when both the Sun and Moon have just moved into Aries and Libra (0 degrees).

Even though the Full Moon is the peak of the lunar cycle, this Full Moon represents  beginnings, a new season, a new zodiacal cycle, and spring, bringing new growth. New growth not only for all the flowers and sproutings in nature, but also within ourselves. It may be personal and it may be in the context of relationships, or both. This is a good time to let go of unnecessary baggage. Old relationship riffs may be settled, but we may be less focused on the past and more on the present and new.

We can be optimistic about relationship connections, though, as Jupiter and Venus form a close harmonious sextile (23 degrees). Opportunities may open for us to expand our social circle or make positive changes.

The only close aspect to the Full Moon is a minor one Uranus also at 0 degrees Taurus. This could bring out the rebel in some, but probably not in any major way.

Mars plays more of a major role today, bringing plenty of energy. In Taurus (23 degrees) it makes a stubborn square to Venus in Aquarius, also a fixed sign. It may be better to agree to disagree rather than trying to drive a point home. Mars also makes an aspect to Jupiter in Sagittarius. So, exaggeration could be involved or “morals.”

Mars also makes a harmonious trine to the planets in the practical sign of Capricorn, Saturn, Pluto, and the South lunar Node. We might not put much stock in some ideas, suggestions, or promises. However, those that are important to us need concrete action to move them along, rather than rely on other’s initiatives.

This Full Moon is also important and powerful because there are two Yohds formed by the above planets that I’ve been talking about including the lunar nodes. That may not be understood by most of you. Just know it’s a big deal. A big major event won’t necessarily happen on this day, but the stage is set for major happenings. This is an especially powerful time for anyone who has a planet or planets at 23 degrees in their chart.

Though there are not a lot of major events, the few make a very interesting month. Our positive perspectives and attitudes can, not only ease situations, but often alter the outcome.

 Be kind and make it a good month.

Kayte Ryann, astrologer – 707-579-2610 or text 707-322-0308

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