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Support the ‘We Want The Land Coalition’!

21 Mar Posted by in • Robin Lowey | Comments Off on Support the ‘We Want The Land Coalition’!
Support the ‘We Want The Land Coalition’!

“Imagine a space where women and girls destroy the limitations they have fought all their lives, a place where women and girls are unafraid of the dark and are connected—body and soul—to the power of Mother Earth. Imagine a time when you are deeply proud of acting “like a girl.” There is no more need to imagine. This is your Land.”

We Want the Land Coalition (WWTLC) seeks to create a reality in which women and girls know with certainty that they are empowered to create the kind of world, society, and community they want to live in and pass on to the next generation.

As the former location of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, The Land is considered by many to be a site of historical significance, one that remains a meaningful, deeply connected space for women and girls who gather there.

The WWTLC was created to save the acres of land that were home for over 30 years to the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival (MichFest), a place that many called “home.” MichFest was a place where we laughed, loved, learned, and struggled together; where we welcomed newborns and scattered the ashes of our beloved departed. It served as an incubator for both personal transformation and profound social justice work. While we do not intend to recreate the Festival, WWTLC does seek to honor the tradition of MichFest by creating a society and community we want to live in and pass on to the next generation.

While WWTLC is grateful for the foundation provided by the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, and we thankfully acknowledge that many of the skills needed to form WWTLC as an organization were taught to us via our MichFest experiences, the organization does not seek to recreate or resurrect the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival event.

You can donate to The Land! We’re STILL fundraising. And we need your help to meet our goals. We’ve set up a variety of ways for you to contribute including via Donor Box, PayPal, by check, recurring donations, as well as a video with instructions on setting up a Facebook fundraiser. For details on click here!

The We Want the Land Coalition is a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, based in the state of Michigan, whose mission is to provide women and girls with unique programs, events, and experiences that celebrate women’s history, promote healing and empowerment, build women’s community, and encourage education and growth. This is made possible through the maintenance, preservation, conservation, and stewardship of approximately 651 acres of land in Walkerville, Michigan, near the Manistee National Forest – an area we call The Land.

Gatherings on The Land Summer 2019

There are 5 weeks of gatherings planned for the summer of 2019.

Former workers invite females of all ages to camp with us. Deaf women reunion too.
Contact Janis at

July 23-28 – BIG MOUTH GIRL
Big Mouth Girl is a gathering organized by Nedra Johnson and friends.

August 1-4 – THE SANCTUARY
Women of Color with Native and Indigenous women connecting under the Milky Way to form a world wide sisterhood.

‪   A private (invitation only) six-day/five-night camping event on The Land

All those who identify as women are invited for the very first Magic Fest on The Land.


And with those gatherings scheduled, we are in need of volunteers as well as a few contract workers to help staff for WWTLC. You can find out more about volunteer positions and apply by checking out our Volunteer page.

Visit to find out more!

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