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Traveling with Olivia Changed My Life

11 Sep Posted by in • Robin Lowey | Comments Off on Traveling with Olivia Changed My Life
Traveling with Olivia Changed My Life

Ok. It sounds corny, even ridiculous. But a series of lesbian vacations changed everything. My life had gotten pretty small. I had recently turned 50, my wife of nearly 30 years left, the kids were growing up, my best friend died of cancer and I got laid off from my big downtown job. Blah blah blah. Major midlife crisis, right? Yep. And I was not doing well.

Then came an invitation to a cruise. “Hell No!” I was in no shape to venture out in the world. And an all LESBIAN trip? “Hellz to the double NO!”

But my friends insisted. And I tearfully made moves to suffer through. Deep inside I had a dim memory of myself as a party animal in a former life—long ago. I figured I’d probably NOT want to dress up, but I went to my best friend’s costume closet anyway (maybe I should be prepared—just in case). She set me up with amazing outfits for every theme night on the cruise. My suitcase was enormous! I kvetched all the way out the door. “It’s too soon, I can’t DO this”. My friends told me to shut up and get on the plane.

For many years I was so busy with work, making school lunches and helping with homework that I had almost forgotten how much I love to travel, meet people and see new places. The idea for Epochalips was conceived on that first cruise and I have never looked back.

Most of what happened on that ship will stay on the ship. What I can tell you is that I not only came out of my funk, I met lifelong friends, mingled with celez-bians and she-roes, and danced till my legs ached. It didn’t take me long to remember how social I am and how shy I am NOT!

I’ve been to the Eastern and Western Caribbean, Mexico, Alaska, Italy, Spain, France, Greece and Norway, with more trips to come. Women I’ve met on these trips have invited me to join them on other adventures like dog sledding in Canada, a midsummer celebration in Sweden and a safari in Africa.

Every time I go on an Olivia trip I am blown away by the sense of family and camaraderie. I live near San Francisco and even though I’m totally out in my community, this is something different…something special. I don’t NEED to go on a “lesbian vacation” but what I found out is that I WANT to! The Olivia motto ‘Feel Free” is very true. Where else on this planet do you have the pleasure of being surrounded by lesbians for a week and putting straight people and MEN in the minority? It’s like lesbian summer camp and an all-girl utopia. And I’m going to keep on going as often as I can. I hope to meet all of you there one day soon.  Punta Cana anyone?

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