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Lesbians, Rescue Puppies and Shelter-In-Place

29 Apr Posted by in Robin Lowey | Comments Off on Lesbians, Rescue Puppies and Shelter-In-Place
Lesbians, Rescue Puppies and Shelter-In-Place

I asked Lesbian Game Changer Joan Antonuccio if she had any word of wisdom to share with our community, and here is her response:

“I can’t say I have any words of wisdom, exactly. I do have words of gratitude, every minute of every day.

On February 17th, I adopted a puppy. I had been volunteering at a shelter since my beloved 12 year old Pitty passed last summer, but I thought, if/when I got another dog, it would likely be an older one. I am almost 69, after all, and want to be realistic.

But my next assignment appeared in the form of Eleven, one of 9 newborn puppies found in a bin by Highway 880, taken in by Jessica at PALS, who named all the pups after the characters in Stranger Things.

I am grateful that, when I despair, Eleven wants to play or go outside. I am lucky to have a front and a back yard, so we have a lot of space outside of my tiny rental. I am grateful for walks with my friend, Vicki, and her pup, who is another reason for getting a dog: when my dog passed last summer, Littles lost her closest pal and mom-dog.

I still over-indulge in news (and Triscuits for a while there), write letters daily and worry for the future of all of us. I am grateful for the light in the world and seek it out. I hope I contribute some to it.

I sit while Eleven snuggles up, not sharing any of the things that concern me: she gets fed, gets to play with her own dog, plays when she wants and spends pretty much every day learning ‘All Tha’ Things’.

She somehow has her own schedule, and so wakes me every morning at 7:50. I don’t even know, but that’s when I get up now. We’re going to have to work something out when/if I get back to catering.

I am grateful for the human connections I have, checking in with friends and family several times a week via email or text, or having friends stop by to sit a social distance apart in my yard. A puppy is that kind of magnet.

My house is no longer neat as a pin. I have to vacuum and do laundry 2 or 3 times a week. I could not be more grateful for that.

Many shelters are empty, but there are still animals in need of fostering. If you have the time, the space and the heart, I’m pretty sure there’s one for you.”

Born in San Francisco to a Catholic Sicilian dad and an LDS French-Irish mom, Joan Antonuccio grew up religion-free. Being indecisive about any one profession has led Joan to many careers. Her favorites are cooking, sound engineering, back-up singing, and voiceover, and she has also produced several concerts. Joan has been out of the closet most of her life and hasn’t regretted it. She has had the privilege of being in amazing places at extraordinary times. Joan was in the recording studio for Cris Williamson’s The Changer and the Changed, and she has worked with Teresa Trull, Linda Tillery, Vicki Randle, Holly Near, June Millington, and others. She co-owned the most amazing café the world has ever known—long live the Brick Hut!

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